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The only Fire Safety Security Dedicated Publication House publishing 4 monthly magazines on Fire & Safety, Occupational Workmen Safety and Industrial Safety, Security and Surveillance including Cyber Security Since 1998

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Fire & Safety Magazines

Kings Expomedia Ltd. has been a stalwart in the world of publication and printing since its inception in 1998. Additionally, since 2017, we have expanded our horizons to organize conferences and exhibitions throughout India, marking yet another dimension of our commitment to excellence.

At Kings Expomedia Ltd., we take immense pride in our unique position as the global leader in producing four monthly magazines dedicated exclusively to the realm of Safety & Security. Recognizing the pivotal role this sector plays in all industries, we are unwavering in our pledge to deliver comprehensive and precise information in an exemplary fashion.

Our steadfast dedication to Safety & Care has been evident from the very inception of our publications, consistently demonstrated to our loyal readers and online audience month after month. We have cultivated a distinctive style marked by heightened quality and conciseness, ensuring that we cater precisely to the distinctive needs of our esteemed readers and clients.

The bedrock of our continued success is your invaluable appreciation and input. We hold your feedback in the highest regard and remain perpetually receptive to incorporating your innovative suggestions, creative ideas, and visionary concepts into our work practices. It is your unwavering support and patronage that have propelled us to our current heights of achievement.

We extend a warm invitation for you to collaborate with us by sharing your invaluable suggestions and ideas. Together, we can elevate the quality of our publications and create an exceptional experience for our readers and clients.

Fire & Safety Magazines

Fire & Safety Magazines We Kings ExpoMedia Ltd., proudly present ourselves as the only publication house in India publishing four dedicated monthly magazines.

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