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It gives us immense pleasure, deep satisfaction, when we peep in the history of the publishing of the very well accepted & recognized “FIRE & SAFETY” magazine. We, at this juncture, wish to heartily acknowledge the continuing kind patronage of our subscribers / buyers making it No. 1 Magazine in the entire South Asia region. which cover all the safety segment i. e. Fire Fighting, Fire preventions, Safety Systems, Evacuation & Disaster Management Completely & security with CCTV, Intruder Alarm & other security Surveillance equipments & services with all aspects along with latest articles, review & technical update.

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In this magazine you will find major issues, information about fire & safety sector as well as security sector. Interesting article from different authors, Market trends, new technology, methods to prevent of different fire fighting & its management equipment manufacture companies. It is evident that the success depends on maintaining good standards by adapting to products & services with latest technology. This requires constant emphasis on product development, convenient & cost effective technology and systems.

This magazine has progressively witnessed an exponential growth in the products and services offerings in the Fire, Safety & Security Industry. This magazine affords the producers, service providers, industrial and SME consumers to keep abreast of the innovations & inventions in this sector. It gives us immense pleasure & contentment to know that we as pioneers of the field have been rewarded by getting accepted by our target audience and others who have made us “Numero Uno” in our segment.